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We had "syncronized sleeping."  No matter what they'd have arms/legs in weird positions but identical.
I went with Childbirth Int'l.  They offer certifications for all that you listed above.  I really liked the programs and feel they were a good stepping stone for going on to midwifery.
I dress them alike for my sanity these last few months... they are almost 3.5yr and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT over anything not exactly the same.  They do have a lot of outfits not matching (some coordinating) that they wear when they civily decide together who wears what.  But the few identical outfits are what they choose to wear all.the.time.  I prefer them not dressed alike because it makes it much easier to tell them apart from across the room.
(I thought homebirthing was a big no-no in Germany?)   Where I live in Thailand, I suppose a CPM would be taken if I'd done a university program to get there with a great resume and transcripts.   BUT .... you are forgetting that with most countries, you need a VISA... very specific stipulations for living in that country. And here, not sure about other places, just because you get a visa, doens't mean you have a PERMIT to work at all.   So it's not just...
So happy you like my cord burning blog!!!  It's so easy to do and IMO the cleanest/safest way to "cut" the cord if you want to cut it at all.  I just was in B.... urma and taught a group of medics how to do it and how to teach the traditional birth attendants how to do it since they were using dirty tools or bamboo sticks to sever the cord.   Let me know if you have any questions about it :)
Babies shouldn't be suctioned.  Use postural drainage instead if the baby needs some fluid out.
Yes it's definitely bulky... I only used it sitting up in bed.  When I was out in the living room on the sofa, I'd use my regular boppy and sit in the corner of the sofa and that would work.    
I never did purees either but anything that needed a bowl and spoon ended up being one bowl and one spoon unless they were sitting on opposite ends of the table and my DH could feed one.  They have shared sippycups and much more.  They let me know when they wanted their own.  Tonight was funny.... they both after about 18 months claimed their boob.  M had the left and S had the right, and this has not changed in the last 1.5 years.  Now S has always insisted on the...
The EZ2 nurse has a minimal slope but enough of one to keep a tiny baby from falling off.  I slept sitting up nursing them and knew that if I dozed off they would not roll off.  The other brand doesn't have a way to keep them from rolling off and that IMO is not safe!
I just used a cheapo long-tubed fetoscope that I've ended up using with my clients.  No trouble hearing the baby at all.  I think I got mine from from one of the midwifery supply sites... maybe $20?
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