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I don't buy the extra weight and they come early bit. It's much more complicated than that, and probably more than science can show. We don't really even know why women go into labor when they do. You could go ask the multiples forum for anecdotal info if you want... many have had singletons after twins.
And they're going on the research studies (that IMO were poorly done) that support active 3rd stage management as reducing the risk of PPH.
I'm exactly same size as you And yes you could flip it over, BUT then it's a little less safe if they doze off and you do too and then they could roll off.
Not at all! The slope was great to get them positioned well. I think it has more to do with if the person is short or long waisted and how big their boobs are.
I used the EZ2 nurse one and it was great for the first 6 months until they got too heavy. I've now lent it out to 3 other friends who've had twins and they were thrilled with it as well Easy to clean, easy to adjust, not too big.
Yay, great news!! My OB told me over and over that there was just no room for a breech twin to flip past 28 weeks. My baby A flipped to vertex at 36 weeks.
I had never wanted twins. In fact, I was the one to say, "I would never wish twins on anyone. But if happened to me I guess I'd deal with it." And it's been wonderful! Yes, hard work, but wonderful. Now that they are approaching 3.5, I love watching them work/play/fight/love each other.
37 weeks 5 days. No NICU, but the smaller twin had preemie sucking issues.
I conceived after my 1st postpartum period. They are MZ twins so not 2 eggs popping out.
I really liked the Childbirth International CBE program.
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