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Quote: Originally Posted by busybusymomma I've been busy with births etc... and I'm now a CPM! Welcome to all the new students! I am so so so happy for you!!! I can't believe how fast you managed to do it all!
I was doing UP and at 12 weeks when the fundus was to my belly button I suspected twins and U/S confirmed it. By 8 weeks I could feel the top of the fundus when it shouldn't be able to be felt at all. Either you're off on your dates or it sounds possible.
Where is everyone? What's up? Too busy catching babies or something else?
I am currently doing the lactation counselor course with childbirth international and it's all about education. I first did their CBE/doula program and was so impressed that I went on to do the CLC course. Not disappointed at all!
If I remember right, it had to do with cranial/sacral issues. I hear you on the shoulders... you see that mom didn't tear with the head, but lo and behold, there's a tear in there.
When you say supporting the perineum, are you also helping the head to emerge slowly by using flexion, or are you not touching the head at all. During my apprenticeship, I have seen some births with no one touching the head and births with a firm grip keeping that head flexed. Tear rates appear to be the same. BUT at a conference I went to, a chiropractor talked about NEVER touching the baby's head until it was all the way out. Very interesting.
I hear you on the planned twin UC. There were 3 of planning UC with twins due around the same time, and my pregnancy was the only one that worked out birthing that way. There are accidental twin UCs but very few planned.
Quote: Originally Posted by MsBlack So...can you say anything more? Not that the numbers actually mean that much...but in terms like completed beginnings said about where she was at with her studies, her other birthwork..can you tell me more? I think I started catching around the 5th birth with her (if any catching was to be done). I had already been a doula for a while, self-studied forever, started midwifery school, knew the basic skills. ...
and I quote, "well you've proven yourself to not be an idiot" that was about all of the discussion that went in to whether I was ready for primaries or not
Another doula and I ask the L&D nurses when there for a birth. Along the lines of: "Wow you're busy (or slow) tonight. How many births have you had this month?" and then during the conversation, ask "how many have managed to have a vaginal birth?" Then do the math yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: