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My blog There is a student fee. Also housing can be super-cheap or expensive depending on the size/rooms etc. The houses we've been in were around $350-600 a month. Plus unless you like Indonesian food (I don't!) it'll cost more for food. They are now taking very very few students and may soon not take any. Feel free to PM with any questions!
I didn't go to Casa, but I did (and still do) go to Bumi Sehat in Indonesia. It has been WONDERFUL taking my family with me, even if I don't get to see them much. Even young children can have a great experience with all the new things to see around. And if my kids absolutely need me, then I'm there.
Actually I was the opposite. I did do studying as much as possible and on complications but I had to be careful to not over-study and scare myself! Thanks for bumping up this thread... it's been quiet lately! I'm trying to study but I have too much on my plate right now. I'll be in Burma the last week of October critiquing a midwifery/medic training. Then in the USA for 9 days to see my dad while he's still alive, and then in Indonesia for 3 weeks during Dec/Jan. ...
When I was at the stage you're at, I did tons of self-study, attended births as a doula, taught CBE. Mostly read anything/everything birth until I was at a point where I could commit to something and knew what direction to go.
When draping, pretend that the baby is almost standing behind you and leaning over the top to drink from low drinking fountain.
When they were tiny I would roll over and feed one and then roll over and feed the other as they woke to nurse. But mine did tend to want to nurse at the same time, so I'd sit up and doze while using the nursing pillow. Once they were about 6 mo old I could feed one on my side and drape the other over the top. And by 9 mo could nurse them on my back, and yes my boobs are way stretched out as a result!
I tried homeopathy and positioning and finally gave up. The breech one flipped the next morning at 36 weeks. Generally babies want to be head down, so you can do positioning things and the happy one should stay head down while the other moves around.
Feel free to join our midwifery students thread.... it's a long one! And welcome!
Are you getting enough protein and carbs? I really slowed down around 28 weeks. But I would really take a close look at the diet.
I UC'd twins 3 years ago. Definitely a life-changing and challenging time! How do you know it's twins? I suspected mine at 12 weeks and did do a scan. I did most of my own prenatal care with a couple OB appointments mixed in in case I needed to transfer. Also, you regret scans, but are you aware that a doppler is more powerful than a scan? You might want to get a fetoscope instead.
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