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I'm doing CBI's program and it's thorough.
I'd start doing it right away then. Also, once you have a business name nailed down, get the domain before someone else does.
The 1st one definitely paves the way for the next one. In mycase though, the 2nd one was posterior.
And here's a bump for the 3rd birthday pic added
In Having Twins by Elizabeth Davis, I remember reading her explanation for identicals never actually being truly identical. When the egg splits, it's the fragmental (mitochodrial?) DNA that is different and accounts for the slight differences.
They were small babies, around 6.5 pounds, so I didn't really get a ring of fire. The 2nd one was posterior and hurt like hell when she dropped down into place. And I think there was a bit more burn because she was a tiny bit bigger and posterior. Only 8 minutes between births. ETA: I just added the 3rd birthday pic and bumped the birth story to the top of the Birth Stories forum
Thank you Mackenzie! I usually update it with current birthday pics. I need to put their 3rd birthday on there!
^^ the pushing phase lasted all of about 3 pushes for the first and one big push for the second
I UC'd twins in 2007. Can't wait to hear your birth story!
We were told fraternal with own sacs/placentas at the 12 wk ultrasound. They came out MZ with their own sacs but shared placenta.
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