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I like ordering from InHisHands. As for cord burning box... you don't really need one to do it. I did a lot of cord burning during my apprenticeship and now do it in my practice. Here's a blog I did about it: Cord Burning
I had a relatively easy pregnancy. Just horrible heartburn like I do with my singleton pregnancies, though it started earlier. I aimed for 24 pounds by 24 weeks (got 23 by then) and aimed for 50 pounds and made it to 48 pounds. Tons of protein, water, rest. Followed my body's cues for when to take it easier, like when I knew I was having contractions while shopping (around 32 weeks) so stopped doing long shopping trips. Mine were born at 37 wk 5days.
Why do you need to pump? Just because... or returning to work, etc.? That would help with answering your question
I used a chart for my first baby and started/stopped with my 2nd. By the time twins came along, I was feeding on demand and could hardly remember to brush my hair, let alone keep up with a chart!! I just fed them at the same time and changed them at the same time and I figured that was enough.
Forget PTSD-like flashbacks... I can't even REMEMBER those first 6 months!
Go to the AAMI website and then to the skills lab page. It has the email for who to contact. HTH!
Start with the books listed in the student midwife thread. I personally own all of mine because I have no access to English libraries or interlibrary loan. Most of them you can just borrow. The core ones that you will need for months or as reference you should own. Own the ones you'll want to lend out as well. All of the Anne Frye books, Midwifery Today books, Varneys, medical dictionaries, etc are keepers.
anyone can attend
Wow Laura, didn't see that one coming! Why is she retiring so young?!? And you know what, the right doors will open at the right time
Mine play well together 70% of the time, get into mischief together 20% of the time and outright fight about 10% of the time. In the mornings, we do breakfast, books, they play, I do few minutes of "preschool" stuff with them. Then we go outside to play for about an hour. Then lunch. I put on a video for them so I can get some stuff done. Then it's time to go pick up the bigger kids from school. After that they play with their siblings and maybe watch another video...
New Posts  All Forums: