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The caul pic is my most favorite of all the twin birth pics. And we almost didn't get it. My friend was taking pictures, had never seen a real birth, didn't know what to take and not to take pictures of and I just told her to do whatever. The flash only worked during 60% of those key moments and this one we just totally got lucky with!
I use a stacinator double fleece. Legs and waist can adjust a variety of ways and I can fit all of the stuffing I need inside.
Yep a lot of acquaintances and all mainstream. I also feel so so alone. And like the above poster who just moved to Germany, I'm also in a foreign country and have the language barrier on top of it. Yeah I can speak the language OK, but not to really get in depth about things of the heart.
Here's what I'm trying: Ever hear of "A Complaint Free World"? (It was shown on Oprah - that's how I found out about it). It was started a few years ago. This church decided to wear those rubber bracelets (ala Lance Armstrong, etc). Every time a person complained, he/she had to switch it to the other arm and start over again. The goal was to get in 21 days with NO complaints. So I started thinking, yeah I complain a lot, but yelling is a MUCH bigger issue right...
One of my twins had a blocked duct that I started noticing within 4 days old. Homebirth with no ointment. My other three had never had it (ointment or blocked duct) but I knew immediately what it was. I just used saline to rinse and wipe and then dropped in breastmilk. Better by around 1 month old.
Hi everyone! My DH is an ordained minister and right now he's with an international Christian school. We are missionaries overseas and have been here for 7 years. Reading everyone's posts makes me not feel like it's so crazy with kids in church, responsibilities, expectations, etc. annettemarie, that's so funny about your DS answering in church!
My DS was my only one of 4 that used a binky. I couldn't remember how old he was when he weaned from it until I was looking at pictures around 2.5yr old and it was phased out. I made a rule from 2yr old on that he could only use it for naptime, carseat, or bedtime. After that transition, it didn't take long for him not to notice it was gone later.
*sigh* Still learning.
You babies are beautiful!!! Are they MZ or DZ? I can't see any differences in their faces other than size. How do you tell them apart otherwise? How is big brother adjusting? Can you see any difference in personality/demeanor yet? Are you a celebrity with twins in Asia? They're rare here and every time we go out it's like celebrity status. Is it like that in Korea too?
Woohoo! 35 weeks is so so so much better than 33 and those little guys know it. Stay in there and behave you two!!! Paranoid about posting on it here? Well I had a different paranoia. I watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean and my DD came the next day. I watched the second one by chance and my DS came the next day. After putting 2 and 2 together, I absolutely avoided anything from Pirates of the Caribbean including Johnny Depp just because I was so sure...
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