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I'm sorry. :(  This is sad to read.  I hope you realize that he is COMPLETELY off base with this, and that this type of controlling behaviour is not ok.  Please get an ultrasound. Let him be angry. It's not HIS life that might be compromised should something be amiss. 
I know that I wouldn't tell, for the sole reason that, if my husband has had an affair in the past, I sure as hell don't want to know about it today, when things are actually GOOD.
Just wanted to give you my experience too:   We were broke, all odds against us. Our unplanned baby is almost 13 years old now, she's witty, brilliant and compassionate, and my very best friend. Her dad and I went on to have two more children, and although we most definitely went through some pretty hard times, we're all doing great!!! :D
My DH lost his iPhone. It has a tracking device so that we can find it, but it has to be turned on to do so. It's been more than three weeks, and it still hasn't been turned on so that we can find the darned thing.     It never once occurred to me to check Craigslist...maybe I'll do that...lol
What about a home daycare? I have a home daycare, and I don't even ask the vaccination status. 
Aw damn. That's such an awful feeling. I know, because I found myself alone and pregnant with my first child.   I know it seems horrible and soul crushing in this moment, but please, let him go. He has proven time and again that you can't rely on him. If you want to, one day, you'll find a partner worthy of your love and commitment.   Hang tight to your mom and your academia. Know that you're going to be a fantastic mama to your baby. Once your child is in your...
I've said it once, and I'll say it again. If you've never had to deal with such heartbreak, you just can't understand it.   I'm so sorry. What are your sons' names? I will light a candle for both of them.
Yeah, I don't think it's that messy either. The refills can get expensive, but I think you can likely make cute cloth diapers for it, as well as possibly making your own formulation of food which would probably work. I actually had one when I was a kid, and so did my younger daughter. Sometimes the food gets stuck in baby's "GI tract though". Hehe! It's gelatin. Rather, it was. Not sure about now.
For you (and for me), quality of life means spending all the time you can with your daughter, not having your own home or two cars, or fancy vacations or any of that stuff. Everyone's ideas of what a quality life is are different. Simply tell your sister that your happiness comes from your child, not from money. Easy peasy.   If you're putting your daughter in the school system at some point, you can work more hours, work away from the home then. You can buy the...
Can you explain what you meant by your original post? It's unclear to me what you're looking for as answers.   I don't see anyone ganging up on  you. I see reactions to your post. You seem to be conveying that somehow these teen stars' merchandise is creepy. Your original post, to me, and to the previous poster, apparently, seems to elude to the fact that you find the merchandise to be promoting sexuality, or inappropriateness in some way.
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