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Offering support AND understanding. I wasn't like this when I was younger, but certainly am now (40+ too). I guess I've always had anxiety, but it's gotten worse as I've aged, and this definitely stands true for feeling overwhelmed with decision making. I have periods where it brings me to tears as well. I am not sure if you've seen a therapist, but cognitive therapy has really proven positive for me in the past. I am having a good two year run now where I have a handle...
Sorry I didn't weigh in yesterday! Kid with strep throat. I have many excuses and none of them are patented yet. If you need one, please let me know, and I'll be happy to share one from my arsenal .   So I have been walking every day for half an hour. I know it's not much, but it seems to be working. My weight as of this morning is 153.5, so that's a whoppin 1.5 lbs gone. hehe. I am upping the exercise starting this evening.   ETA: Red!
I am nearly in tears for you. You are NOT overreacting. That must have been hell for you, and for  your family to act like that? Oh, lady...hugs.   Talk to your mom, though. Cry. Get her to - MAKE her see your side.    I am so so sorry.   Congratulations on your new baby.
"We go so far as to have our animals in our beds with us - there is simply no feeling like waking up in the morning to your 75lb hound spooning you, I say"     I love you, Mrs. Gregory.  
We were dead set on  naming our first dd Shiloh. For the record, she's 12, so it was well before Brangelina. We chose it for her when we first found out I was pregnant, and it was her name until I was about 7 months along. We made the mistake of telling people what we were planning on naming her (NEVER do that!), and we got the "dog's name" thing so often, we worried about her being teased.  It is a beautiful name, and I still regret not choosing it for...
Stalkers are welcome?? Oh so I can come out of hiding.   I have been reading your guys' threads for months. :) Not sure why I started, and I have never been through an IVF, but I feel like I've become a big old cheerleader for a bunch of women I don't even know.  I get so excited for you, let down for you, and feel the anticipation. Y'all are so so so brave and strong and amazing and inspirational to me. I have no idea why I started stalking you, but I can't look...
My kids aren't toddlers, but a few recent ones that have been told to my daycare toddlers:   We don't hand our friends our boogers. We don't drop kick the realtor.   My most favourite, and repeated so often lately that I've made a song about it - We don't eat our friends.
Oh Jeez!! Whoops...here in Canada it was a long weekend, and I normally don't come on MDC on the weekends.   So I weighed in today at 155.0  and I am 5ft 8 inches tall.
I am so so sorry, Holly. Charlie's passing is completely gut wrenching, heartbreaking to me, a woman you don't even know, thousands of miles away from you. I can't even imagine how every day must be for you.   I wish you every little bit of peace and strength that I can push out into this world. 
I am the neighbourhood drop in centre too. While I see your point and understand your frustration, I'd rather have my kids here in our yard than in the nearby playground, which is where they are when they're not all here.   The same kids come all the time, though, and they know the rules - no food, if you want water, get it yourself, if you're hurt, let yourself out the back gate and run home to your own mother, and if you piss my kids off, I will always side with...
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