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I am pretty darned happy. My kids rock, my husband and I have a love/hate relationship at times, but he's on the road M-F so that cuts back on that aggro. I do daycare from my home so I get to hang out in yoga pants at the playground with adorable little toddlers all day and I get paid. We are financially stable. We have a great dog. We just bought a house.  I have good friends.   Having said that, I have Bipolar II, so any of this is subject to change at the whim...
We eat a lot of nuts and peanut butter. We have moved around a fair bit, and not once have my children been allowed to bring any kind of peanut product into any school that they've attended. I don't think about it regularly, but I suppose that I am so used to being nut free with lunches and school snacks that I think about it if I am packing anything to take to the park. Also, as others have posted, my kids will wash their faces and hands after eating and before going...
I absolutely do not care, not even a little. I personally feel that some people are hyper vigilant about these things, and I truly don't understand.    However, I would be pretty annoyed or alarmed if my family was posting photos of us without our consent, especially given that you and DH are not even on FB.
Wow onlyzombiecat, I clicked on the veggie crockpot lasagna recipe, and her website is AWESOME. Thanks.
Downsizing has been the best thing that ever happened to us. We have nothing that isn't useful. At all. The only things we store are holiday crap and camping gear.   I couldn't believe how much easier my life got when I started the ten minute house cleanup. My kids are all school age, and when we band together, things get clean in a hurry.
Yes, these are pocket diapers. That's a great price, and IMO, worth trying out. I have tried homemade pockets in the past (no babies to diaper any more!), and they worked out very well.   My faves were Wonderoos, and these look like a style similar to those, but I don't think they make them any more. Fuzzibunz ran a close second.    Go with pockets! They rock.
Is anyone else's pet taking Metacam for inflammation?    My 6 year old shepherd/husky was diagnosed with hip dysplasia about a month ago. Metacam is an NSAID, and it has worked exceedingly well for him so far. He went from not even being able to stand or do stairs without yelping in pain to bounding and frolicking in the park.   Couple of questions for anyone whose pet takes this:   Did they vomit? My pup vomits at least once a day now, but otherwise has a...
Agree with the other two posters. You know what has to happen. Kids trump animals every time. I wanted to add some hugs too. I am sad for you. They're a part of your family. I totally get it. 
Oh, and just wanted to add for those who have smartphones, I have an app called MyFitnessPal that tracks your calories and exercise daily, and very annoyingly reminds you when you've forgotten to input for the day. :)
Sign me up!! It may be a little difficult to exercise and eat healthily the entire time, as I am moving cities during this challenge, but I sure as heck am ready to commit!   So excited to be able to have some weight loss buddies.  Good luck everyone.  Will post with my weight on Monday.
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