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I did it frequently with my now 7 yo ds. He was incredibly high needs, screamed incessantly in the car every time he was strapped in, We never would have gone anywhere had I not been able to do this.  For the record, you do not need big ones to do this. Mine are tiny, but apparently stretchy. :)
Totally NOT ttc, but saw this on the "new posts" page and wanted to say CONGRATS!!! to both of you.   Yay, babies.
Wow. I would be gutted, PPD or not...I hope you're not thinking that you're overreacting or anything, because what she's done is completely out of line and disrespectful to your entire family. Nothing is wrong with YOU, but lots is wrong with her behaviour. She will forever be at the forefront of your memory when you think about the birth of your son. That's awful, and very unfortunate, but there's nothing you can do about it now. You deserve to feel your feelings about...
I ordered an extra dozen eggs this week accidentally, so tonight we had scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese on everything bagels. Yum!
Congratulations. She is GORGEOUS.  Crying real tears for you! xo
I really really wish I had been around when it was so active! My kids are older now too, and I used to post a lot on the AP board at babycenter, but this place would have been AWESOME when I had little nurslings and lots of screen time!   I did join a few years back, but found it kind of intimidating to be honest, as it all seemed like everyone was so tight already. I have since gotten over this, but only recently. I don't know how it used to be, but I love coming...
Sorry! I read dollar store tests somehow.Yeah...the internet test strips are way sensitive! I got a bfp at 8 dpo with ds too, and for sure I was pregnant because he's almost 8 years old. ;) I think congrats are in order!
Clearblue isn't as sensitive as some of the dollar store ones. Yes, it's still possible for sure. Good luck!!   http://www.babyhopes.com/pregnancy-test-sensitivity-comparison.html
Yuck. It's really that common? To me, that is abusive. My cousin goes through this - no money to herself whatsoever. She has to account to her DH if she buys a cup of coffee. No thanks. I couldn't be in a marriage where I was controlled like that.
That was SO cool and beautiful! Thanks for sharing that video.
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