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Sorry but breast milk is the best it is better than formula hands down,formula will never be as good or better than breastmilk. Yes many mothers need to use formula I was one of them but I'm no fool either. I'd be doing myself a big disservice by pretending formula was like breastmilk and did not cause any ill...
If so I'd love to get a play group started I currently am the full time nanny of an adorable 2 year old little girl.
I have an issue with my 7 yr old not wanting to go to school,it's a battle at least 3 days a week,she will run and hide, kick and scream refuse to get dressed,etc at least 1-2 days we get to school 15-30 mins late or she'll miss maybe 1 day every couple weeks. After talking with her teacher and Therapist we determined it is because she's afraid of disappointing us and her teacher if she can't doesn't know the work,etc, and that she is afraid of being picked on. DD has...
I got mine at 9.5 my oldest DD at 13,my middle DD at 14 and my youngest is only 7 and has not started.  
OP I just want to offer hugs ans support I too have a strong-willed 7 yr old DD who has ADHD,ODD and is also Bipolar, Most punishments don't do a lot of good and lead to panic attacks. for us trying to off set the behavior before it happens helps a good bit,warnings about loosing toys,TV time,computer time or time with friends also helps. we refuse to spank at all and her Therapist agrees with us there. We try to use positive reinforcements,natural and logical...
I have 3 daughters ages 17,15 and 7 I have a very open door policy and relationship with my older 2 about this kind of stuff and I may have to pick up 3 copies of this book 1 for me and 1 each for them. LOL
  While I don't agree with a young teen viewing porn I disagree with your statement about it being dangerous and highly addictive or that it will give her daughter a twisted view of sex. I have watched porn since I was an older teen I have a healthy sex life with my spouse of 18 yrs,porn has in no way inhibited my healthy views of sex. Also why does porn only affect women are men not in porn also?
I started at 10 also I am now 40, I was tall ,slim and athletic I stated developing around age 8 had breasts by 9( 32 B). I'm glad your DD is happy and excited and that starting did not scare her. Did you do anything special like a day out,a gift,etc?   As for my girls they did not start until 13(oldest) and 14. both are really tall and skinny more athletic than I was,etc.
My teens started wearing makeup at 12.5-13 now at  almost 15 and 17 they wear makeup daily.  
I allow my daughters to wear 2 piece suits and bikinis. with that I teach at a Christian based child care center and the girls have to wear one piece swim suits when going on field trips to the pool or water park,I don't really like the rule but since my soon to be 7 yr old will be attending during the summer I bought her a cute one piece suit online at old navy for $14 today. Personally I do think the boys should be wearing rash guards but not t-shirts which can pose a...
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