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None of my babies has ever accepted being put down on their backs. I assume this is because 1) their spine isn't ready to be positioned that way (after having been curled up for nine months) and 2) it is an instinctively vulnerable position and they repeatedly startle. I really don't know how people manage to get babies to do it. I was concerned about mattress toxins so I didn't do tummy-sleeping either unless I was nearby and watchful, though that was rare because the...
Oh yay, I am glad to see this here! I'm a fat mama, "obese" according to the AMA. Healthy by all the usual medical standards for middle-aged persons, and four normal pregnancies and homebirths.
I despise bras! I've never had one fit correctly (I have a very broad ribcage and slope-y shoulders, plus two different cup sizes) and since my first pregnancy (15 years ago) the constriction hurts. I stopped wearing a bra when I figured out that it was causing thrush. Got rid of the bras, voila, no more problems. For a while I wore bra-shelf camis, but the elastic makes my skin itch so I finally gave up on that and now just wear tanks under loose shirts.
Compresses and massage aren't in themselves bad for the tissue (unless it hurts of course,) the problem is the discomfort, distraction, and self-consciousness that many (most?) women experience when that kind of clinical attention is imposed on them. But if you love the feel of a compress or massage and it comforts and relaxes you, by all means go for it!   Position can make a difference a few different ways: being vertical puts downward pressure on the tissues which...
Sounds to me like you need a change of scenery! I used to feel this way all the time, ironically when I was about fifty pounds smaller than I am now (about a size 14 in fact!) God, I remember well the torture of being in dressing rooms trying to find anything that look would good on me in the latest fashion. At some point I began to realize that cut is crucial and that clothing manufacturers are generally not at all at all interested in trying to make different bodies...
Hey all~! I've been gone for a while so I was surprised to find everything different and the stickies gone. If you're not the only one and you're wondering what happened to the UC roll call and birth stories list, it's now here: http://www.mothering.com/community/wiki/u-c-roll-call Alternately, you can go to the Wiki tab in the purple bar above and look under "U" to find it.   Now that it's a wiki, anyone can update it. I will go ahead and update info I received as...
My daughter disliked 100 Easy Lessons. (I put a brave face on it just in case it worked for her, but to be honest I found it tiresome as well.) She does enjoy Starfall and goes to it often on her own. She is 8 and slowwwly picking it up. My two older children weren't reading basic text until they were 9 and 10 years old, but they're both completely fluent now, reading adult-level text (at ages 11 and 13.)
Don't get to MDC much anymore, just saying hello! I'm in the Corvallis area, if anyone needs home/unschool resources, let me know!
In total agreement with SagMom and midnightwriter
I'll just share our experience -- we were in the water with them from a very early age, and we go swimming a lot. We've never tried to get them to learn some skill or other -- it either comes naturally just from being in the water a lot or they see other people doing it and at some point decide they want to do it too. All my kids are very comfortable in the water, and they can dive and swim underwater and jump off the diving board.
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