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I think the song's beautiful. But I think it'd be better if the pictures changed just a little more slowly, and if there were gradual transitions between them like a few of the photos have. Also, will it let you match up the end of the song with the end of the slideshow? It seems like kind of an abrupt ending. (Hey, I wanna come hear your talk! When is it?)
Of course something causes it. There is a cause and effect to everything. I don't doubt that mattress and other environmental toxins have something to do with it. I've been made extremely ill by them and I'm a big strong adult with a mature respiratory system. It just seems like common sense to me that some infants would be vulnerable to this -- others, maybe it just causes "colic"?
It's offensive. First, like someone else said, it implies that natural birth is about proving something. I personally have no need to make childbirth about a challenge; I'd be perfectly happy to have it be smooth and easy from beginning to end. Wouldn't make it any less edifying for me. Doesn't make me any less of a woman. Second, women get epidurals because they're necessary to allow them to relax, or because they're not educated and don't understand the risks, or...
Some of my most favorite dreams have been birth dreams.
In our area, last time I checked it was 7%. That was registered children. I suspect that counting unregistered children it would be closer to 10%.
Quote: I am no expert and I had a later reader, but it sure sounds as if she is teaching herself to read. Baby books are GREAT for that because the pictures and words are so closely related and the books have probably been read aloud over and over. She will probably let you know when she needs some help. I'll second that. I wouldn't be worried at all -- she hasn't lost interest in reading, she's just approaching it in her own way. It sounds like she...
Quote: While his SIGHT is relatively good and he passed routine vision screenings. He has terrible visual discrimination, and his eyes don't converge to read text. He tires easily, rubs his eyes, and appears to have attention problems. He worst problem is figure-ground discrimination. When we put large white letters on black flash cards, he was thrilled. He said with relief in his voice, those letters don't give me that bad feelin I usually have. All of a...
I don't get it either, so I'll be watching this thread. Whenever I try to machine quilt things shift around and inevitably the fabric pinches up on the bottom. It is soooo frustrating. I always thought that the reason they sewed the binding on by hand was to create an invisible seam. You can machines stitch the one side fine, but then when you turn it over it's hard to match it up perfectly with the other side's seam line. Some people think that looks sloppy so they...
None. Barely a quarter ounce. I would have loved to have gotten 4-6 ounces.
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