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Around here it is a dollar.
Mine returned after about 3 months or so with my first 3. The youngest is only 1 month now, so I'll have to wait and see.
Thanks for sharing. It has a lot of important info.
It depends on how the viruses are showing up. Are they coming in your email or is Norton saying they are coming from somewhere else. If they are in your email it is most likely not related. HTH
Nothing right now since I just had a baby. We have been talking about what to use later. I can't use a lot of types of bc because I can't take horomones and I am allergic to latex. We have tried sheepskin condoms in the past, but dh couldn't stand the way they smell. I have heard that there are condoms made of polyurithane(sp?). Has anyone tried them and know how well they work?
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