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We're using Sonlight for our 3rd and 2nd grader, over halfway with Core 1 right now.  I plan to start Core 2 sometime in April, and then be on Core 3 when they are midway between their 4th and 3rd grade years.  We love it!
I've been an MT for almost 6 months now, a graduate of MTEC.  I've love to hook up with more of you here!
What do I do? Get up, spend time with husband and family, chores, eat lunch, say goodbye to husband, homeschool kids, dinner, chores, bedtime, work til 2 am, then do it all over again. I am never bored, but usually sleep-deprived!
We have used Sonlight since the beginning and are now on Core 1 with a 3rd and 2nd grader. P3/4 for my pre-k aged child, too. I also use Explode the Code w/Sonlight's LA and so far, so good!
Well, it's a new week ... hopefully I can make some small changes here so that it goes better than last week!
I do. I was doing 8-12 and then 8-12 per day, which often turned into 8-2 with lots of work in the morning. To save my sanity, I switched it to 8-2 am, which would be okay, if I could sleep in in the mornings! But so far I wake up right at 8, ready to go ... and then that makes for a LONG day. It's the feeling of never having a down moment, I guess.
I was just about to say that ... medical transcription! I graduated from an MT school called MTEC and was hired days later. It's been about 2-1/2 months now, and it's something I really enjoy.
Hi all. It's been awhile since I've been here, but I thought I'd ask for some advice. I have been working at home as a medical transcriptionist for about 2-1/2 months now. At first I was working well over 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, because I figured, why not? I'm home! No big deal! Haha!! I got burned out very quickly. Now I aim for 6-7 hours a day, 6 days a week. On the days I do well "at" work, I feel as though I shortchanged my family. The days I do well...
We love Sonlight! I used P4/5 for my 2 children last year, for their K and 1st year, and this were we are doing Core K for their 1st and 2nd grade year, and my close to 4 year old is using Core P3/4. I LOVE having all of the books! We have read books that we wouldn't otherwise chosen, and it's been great exposing them to all types of literature. We haven't done school for 1 month, and the told me the break has been too long! We start up again next Monday.
Quote: Originally Posted by les7699 I wouldn't say it turned out ok. It was still very very pro vax. I wanted to puke Well, I guess I'm glad I didn't see the end or I might be more mad.
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