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Any chance she is actually waiting too long & starting to pee her pants?
Lol my little girl's NICKNAME is princess, that's how the no princess thing went lol
I remember jewely'smommy I might have been just zakersmama or mom. 4 kids now lol & one angel.
No, invite or don't invite, but not including for all of it is not ok. And I think he should know why.
I think put the food away but no different food later. Maybe make an exception if you know he ddoesn't care for the food in question, but the new food is at s set time. Not just a few minutes after refusing dinner. I sometimes make the next meal a little earlier & a favorite if I know the last meal was not a favorite.
It sounds like the kid needs to learn that others don't think he is funny. A conversation & second chance playdate might get that point across. I would want to know why my kid wasn't invited so I could let him know & hope he learns from it.
Well...you didn't send an invite. So you're not uninviting. You don't OWE this kid anything. It sounds like you observed this child's rude behavior in your home. Did you talk to the mom already about that? If so, what was her response? If this were my party & child & friend, I would talk to my child about it. If my child was rude at a friend's house, I would want my friend to tell me. If the other mom & your kid are open to it, I think I would sit down & talk...
That requested food can go back to the fridge & reheated.
Paul Blart, Mall Cop has been heavily advertised on Nickelodeon. I looked it up online. I don't feel it's appropriate for my 5 year old especially, who liked to act out what he sees. Doesn't mean I won't feel bad telling my oldest no.
My thought is what about those who can't? Happened with my first & it was devastating. It would have been much worse if I would have had to prove something in order to not be in violation of a law. I agree BF is important, but legislation is not the answer.
New Posts  All Forums: