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Sugar & Sun, my grandma's name was Veronica too. I didn't get to officially put it as my DD MN on her birth certificate due to naming rules in hubs home country, but my grandma & I know she is Sophia Veronica after her.
I'm 36. No testing here. This is my theory. I will have the anatomy scan. Problems that need special attention should show there. Having worked in special education, I know that hearing a diagnosis won't tell me squat about what I might be facing. It will just set me up to worry about worst case scenario. A newborn will need what newborns need. Time will tell the rest. (And I have a child whose imperforate anus did not show on US. We learned, we coped, we have a...
THREE IS HELL. Love the other ages. Three is hell. Sign me up. Littlguy will be 3 in a couple months.
My kids have rarely fussed about bathing, but when my oldest tried to assert independence that way, we made fun outings contingent on being clean. He was 6-7. Now the evening routine includes taking a shower and completed homework before free screen time. Theres the occasional protest, but we stick to the rule & they know.
Another time, the.kids drew Patrick the Starfish on their bedroom wall in crayon! magic eraser left a permanent star outline that time.
, Both involve me nursing a newborn. Ds1 was halfway in my line of sight...what I could NOT see was the permanent marker he was using to color the cabinet! Thankfully, it came off with a magic eraser! DD & DS 2 rubbed Eucerin cream all over the bottom of the bunkbed...under the bed!
Mike Wazowski
How do I join the fb group? I clicked the link & it just says no permission to view.
I read an article today that brought it to mind. The more I watch him, the more I notice it is only when he is excited, good or bad. (think rushing to report sibling issues before the other one tells) and sometimes repeats while thinking & trying to get every detail of new info correct, like talking about something new he learned in school. That makes me think maybe it its a normal developmental blip or stress with new school & move? Hate to make a big deal of it if...
New Posts  All Forums: