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Nah not worried. They would not even be noticed by anyone but me. He also has two cafe au lait birth marks, one on his knee that is pretty big & a little angel kiss on his cheek. He gets VERY dark in the summer. Does that indicate he will be darker as an adult? Just curious.
I have noticed in the last couple months, my oldest son, who is almost 9, repeats words a lot when he talks & says "um" a lot. When is this something that needs help? His sister has noticed & commented & I don't want it to become an issue in school...
Oh and 32 weeks with DS 1 I bled. Ended up being a varicose vein on my cervix. That has never happened again, 5th pregnancy.I was told to prepare to have a baby that day because they figured placenta issue. He was fine & born at 39 & 4.
I spotted with my two little boys, now 4 & 2. Low progesterone. I bled after sex once with DD at 20 weeks. I had the really short day or two of light bleeding at period time with...I *think* ALL of them except this one. Possibly not with my DD. Brown spotting at 9 weeks with my first. Have not had ANY spotting this time.
Please can I just barf our have this go AWAY?! Thanks.....what I would pay for a sierra mist RIGHT NOW!!
Ugh, can I just barf or have this GO AWAY please?
I have not checked the Yukon to see what it's got in middle center....
Just realizing I have to think about this in my van! Thinking the three year old gets back middle because it is only a lap belt & he is 5 pt. The older kids need the shoulder belts.
Love & light to all who are experiencing loss.
I have the gas too. Time? It is better this week than last.
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