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Sending healthy baby vibes.
Meko, I spotted & have 3 healthy boys. I don't remember spotting with my daughter.
Indigestion & crampy
to love mercy--no H. No idea for a boy. Hubs will want another Z. We have none left that we like!!!!! So far, we both like Sariah for a girl. That could change. Our daughter is Sophia. I informed hubby that was her name & was before I met him lol. Luckily, he didn't hate it.
Congrats! I have a "God's timing" 4th child. I do not have a favorite, but he is a HUGE joy & blessing in my life. He has had some medical challenges that are now resolved, and they have given him a laid back personality, like he has been through worse, so not bothered by the little stuff. He also is bright & was obviously taking in EVERYTHING while he didn't have the energy to show what he can do. That experience had helped me to accept this pregnancy. Also one...
I'm 35. I am thinking my CNM is awesome & might even be extra lenient with me to keep me from going UC. But what can I expect in terms of possibly being treated differently now than when I was 26, 29, 31, 33??
Want to know. Thinking & wanting girl....
hating my phone lol. And indigestion. Banana, on #5 here & poor. Also have a friend who doesn't know what I will do with 5....sigh, lol. Saw the CUTEST announcement photo this week...older child is 1, is in crib looking @ a sign that says " Eviction notice, Feb. 2014 with ultrasound photos next to it.
I hope I remember to rock this bump lol...do the henna & the casting. I am
Ashlee, your family sounds like mine....my 4th was born just after my oldest started kindergarten.
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