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DD also really enjoyed listening to audio books. That was how I was first able to leave her before she fell asleep. 
I would not do it because I don't think it teaches much except that those with power can use it to get their way. Punishments simply don't each the kind of values and life lessons I want my child to learn. Dr. Laura Markham (one of MDC's "Ask the Experts") has written several great articles on this subject. Here's one about "consequences".   I'd rather have a heart to heart with my child, find out why they aren't able to complete their assignments, come up with some...
Go Gold! :D   I'm cycling in place of running this week, hoping to keep up my fitness level as best as possible. Also got an appt with a physiotherapist on Tuesday, really hoping to get a diagnosis and set plan in place for healing and returning to running. Meanwhile I'm icing the area, which I do not enjoy b/c I am one of those people who are always cold! 
My kids are homeschooled and we are a very techie family. We have laptops, iPads, etc. and have never limited screen time. Both my kids are on the autism spectrum and while they both really love their screen time they also have lots of outside the home activities (not by school kids' standards, mind you, but we are as busy as we like to be, lol). Sometimes they go through phases where they use it alot, other times not so much. They do some really amazing and creative...
144 lbs today, which is a 0.5 lb loss.   I'm feeling down right now because on my last run I experienced a pain in my hip which, based on some online research, sounds a lot like a stress injury. I'm supposed to be doing a big run tomorrow morning but will have to pass as, despite two days of rest (I also have a bit of a cold), it still hurts to put weight on it. I'm booking an appt with my doctor today but I'm depressed that I am going to have to put my running on hold...
I think the sort of behaviours you are talking about are not the function of the game itself. Addictive behaviours, ignoring social interactions, self-care, etc to play something for hours and hours on end such that quality of life is impaired....that comes from within. There's an issue there with self-regulation or whatever. It's not the fault of a game for being so good that it is easy for such people/kids to get sucked into it.   Minecraft is an amazingly creative...
I would put them to bed each night by laying with them until they fell asleep. When they woke up I'd either go sleep with them for a bit or I'd bring them into our bed. Over time they woke less frequently, but it was a long time before DD could go to bed without me laying with her to sleep, and DS still needs me. But honestly, he's my last kid and they are growing up so fast that I'm actually cherishing these times, even though there are nights when I wish I didn't have to. 
 Wow. It sounds like you have been through a lot! If you do start tracking what you eat, I strongly suggest you get a food scale and weigh what you eat. It is really easy to underestimate calories using volume measurements, especially with high-calorie foods like nuts, butter, avocados, coconut oil and other healthy good stuff. The USDA maintains a database of foods with nutritional info based on weights, so it is easy to calculate that way. 
Based on anecdotal evidence from friends, etc., boys are notorious for poor/delayed handwriting skills. With that said, could he have some fine motor issues? My son has fine motor delays due to his autism and writing is very hard for him. 
Well, first you need to decide what style of homeschooling appeals to you (with the expectation that this may change as you go along), then you can know where to start. You can buy curricula, you can have a basic routine/schedule at home for doing certain things, whether they are child-led or not, etc. What do you envision for yourself and your son?
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