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ITA the planetboxes are really cool, but my DS loses everything.  At least with the Easy Lunch Boxes, if he loses one it's really no big deal.  I really like that about them. :)
They are very sturdy plastic.  Not at all like the thin disposable storage containers.  They don't warp in the dishwasher.  Seriously, I love them.   On the Easy Lunch Box blog she does a side-by-side comparison...
I know I couldn't duplicate at home what my son is getting in school in terms of learning to communicate and build a community with a wide variety of people.  He is extremely social and for the most part does very well in school.  Not only that, but he has a broader view of adults as role models, which I think is important.   He goes to a very good school.
I did DIY bento style lunch boxes for 3 years (really just a conglomeration of variously sized tupperware).  Last summer I stumbled upon the Easy Lunch Box system, and I LOVE it.    www.easylunchboxes.com   I bought my system in May of this year and the containers and bags are still going strong.   It's super easy to pack the lunches as well.  I highly recommend this system.
I work nights Sat-Wed in network technical support, but when I was in college I got jobs in various industries working nights... food manufacturing and retail, specifically.  You DO have to sleep during the day, though.  It won't work without child care.
I mentioned this upthread, but it's really important to factor in weekend work.  In my line of work (not medical) the new people were lowest in seniority and got the worst days off.  Like usually Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was lucky that I got my night job before my son was even born, by the time he reached school age I was able to have weekends off because I had several years of seniority.   Just something to keep in mind.  Finding weekend child care when needed can be a...
No, it will not work, at least not in the way you intend.  You will still need daycare, because you will have to sleep during the day.  However, you won't need as much daycare as you are using now, and you'll probably have more flexibility in your timing during the day.   My son is now 7.5, I have been working nights since before he was born.  The ONLY way to make it work long term is to make sure that you sleep during the day for a solid amount of time.  I have...
I have to put in a plug for the ABeCeDarian program (www.abcdrp.com). It's inexpensive and very easy to use. My son is in public school but I bought the program because he was struggling. We are now almost finished with Level A and his reading has improved tremendously. We're using the program along with the I See Sam books (www.iseesam.com).
Also? Insinuating that day care is not an acceptable option is rude in this forum. Many mamas here use day care.
I would really discourage you from trying to stay awake working all night and then take care of your kids during the day. It's incredibly hard to do and everyone will suffer. I've been working nights for 2.5 years as a network engineer (and evenings before that, and nights before that, etc.). I've worked nights for a long time, and I have never done it without child care. It's bad enough on those days that DS is too sick to go to school, because I sleep so poorly. ...
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