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Thanks! I just have tuna in oil but I did give him some of that. I think that may have helped some with his GI tract as that's working again now. He's been using the litter box enough today that I wonder if he's been drinking when I'm out of the room. He did eat a little dry cat food but I may buy some tuna in water tomorrow or some baby food anyway.
Thanks! Does anyone have any tips on how to get him to eat and drink? He'll drink some of the liquid from wet cat food, and that's all he wants to do. He seems to keep swallowing and reswallowing after he's finished, too.   No luck with the dogs yet, I'm afraid, at least not that I know of. I guess I'll call Animal Control again Monday.    
Sorry it took me so long to get back. Tigger is home and resting. He'll have his bandage on for at least another week but he is eating some now and trying to start using the litter box - they were having to express his bladder until yesterday. (He hasn't defecated - I think not since the attack - but he hasn't been eating very much either.) He started purring I think before I got him all the way in the house; he's definitely glad to be home.   Animal control has been...
We haven't made much progress identifying the dogs yet. One was a white pit bull, the other looked a little larger but not as blocky a build, with a yellowish color. We did speak to a neighbor boy who has a motion activated camera in his backyard for deer watching. He said it had caught images of a couple of dogs that sounded like the right ones. He was supposed to come by today, but I haven't seen him. Dispatch says animal control is off for MLK and won't be back on the...
Well, my cat is still alive. His ribs were crushed and the vet had to make some sort of cover for his diaphragm, which had also come unattached on one side. He was mostly out of it when we visited today but I think he knew we were there. Hard to say how it's going to turn out yet. If anyone has any suggestions for dealing with the owners of the dogs when we track them down, let me know. We'd like them to help pay the vet bill, which is going to be a lot for us to manage.
Thanks...I'll try to update tomorrow.
Thanks! His ribs were broken, and his spleen was on the wrong side of his abdominal wall. There was more extensive damage once the vet got in there, but I don't know the details. He crawled half out of his carrier to press his head against me before they took him back. I just hate leaving him overnight when this might be it. I do appreciate it. I don't know too many animal lovers in real life.  
I'm sorry, I almost never post here anymore, but I wanted to say something about this to someone. My cat had some nerve damage to his back legs and we've been keeping him in. He slipped out this morning when my husband left for work. I lay in bed later thinking I should check on him but didn't get up. Then I heard noises, like a dog but wrong, like a recording. I thought it was maybe my son playing. Finally I realized it was a real dog and ran out - two large dogs were...
Oh, that reminds me of my childhood! Shka, shka, shka, shka, shka, ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...my grass fends for itself these days.   For me, the grackle singing in the front yard. Very pretty, in a modest, listen quickly or you'll miss it sort of way.
Grace Llewellyn's Teenage Liberation Handbook is a good read. I know it's about quitting school (unschooling instead) but I read it as an adult and found it inspiring. There's a lot in there about taking charge of your own life, figuring out what your interests are and actively pursuing them. It might or might not be a good fit, but if he thinks he's not smart because of experiences at school, it could help.
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