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You dont' want to find out how fast a little baby can get septic if an infection hits the bloodstream. Err on the side of caution and go get abx now.
Thank you for keeping Tan II, it's much better on my eyes. :
Wow, time flies! Congrats!!
What a beautiful name you gave your son. I'm so, so sorry
It's noisy
I do a mix of everything - well no I've never attempted a garage sale before. If things are nice enough but I don't think they are worth the work of reselling I'll send it on. I've been blessed to receive hand me downs over and over again so I usually pass a lot onward. I've done well selling on Craigslist the past year, but I'd usually have my BIL home during the day or dh home as well evenings and weekends. I personally love the convenience of having cash right away...
Quote: Originally Posted by laurashanley After looking around the site I get the impression that they won't try to make it into a paid site again. But I don't think they're going to be adding new content, at least not now. On the "email Leilah" page it says: Thanks for wanting to contact BirthLove's editor, creator and mother, LLM. Unfortunately she is not "doing" email at the present time; construction of the site was a sixty hour job for about five...
Wow. Hm.
All of my pregnncies played out the same, violently ill for the first three months of each one, then some food aversions lasting until the end but mostly being ok by the end of the first trimester.
: Congratulations!! :
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