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5 years 11 months.  Tandem for three years and 9 months of that. 
I would love to know what you did to celebrate as well.  I'm looking into getting my daughter a piece of jewelry or something tangible to represent our special time together but I would love other thoughts too.
Breastfeeding only works if it works for both mother and child.  It certainly doesn't sound like you want to wean but if you can't put limits it may come to that.  My 3.5 year old is still nursing and I nursed his sister until she weaned herself.  With both of them I placed limits once I was tandem nursing.  I nurse a lot at home but we don't nurse out of the home anymore (I find it difficult to nurse two at once in public- call me crazy!).  We talk about it A LOT.  My...
Words cannot express how sorry I am.
Hi! I'm new around here and was hoping to jump in. I too have struggled with different interpretations of Matthew 6:1-7 - or I have struggled with other's interpretations of it. I think what Jesus is telling us there is to not flaunt our relationship with God but rather to live it (not that we can't flaunt it but that we should focus on our relationship rather than what others think of our relationship). It seems perfectly consistant with the Luke passage. Why else...
I love having all sorts of variety. Sometimes I want my dd in wool- sometimes I want her in pockets- just depends on my mood (dh is the same way- the only thing he never reaches for is cpfs)
I would definitly try a few flats if you like wool. They dry faster then anything else. I sometimes put my favorite wool over pockets too (like if we are out and about). I don't like microfiber so I would probably do a flat folded in order to stuff my pockets if I wanted quick drying.
Oh that is what I mean. I am trying to avoid the donuts and eat good food. It just seems all I want is crap... So being hungry all the time isn't a bad thing, it is the being hungry for chocolate and french fries that I am worried about. Not good for me or baby (or my nursling).
Oh, I just posted on the other thread, lol. I love almond butter on anything for a high protein snack. I really like it in smoothies, yum.
I know that I am willing to listen to my dh's concerns about a homebirth vs hospital birth for a few reasons. Primarily, he feels very strongly about it, more strongly than I do. It is his birthing experience too (even if I am the one doing all the work) and I don't want him to be scared out of his mind and on edge the whole time. Whatever the setting is, I want us both to be comfortable. I would probably be more comfortable at home, but not if he is nervous, kwim? We...
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