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i'm twigged out by ferrets. they have that aura of noblesse oblige about them.
my kid is totally sybil when it comes to music. (this is cuz i'm an R&B/hip hop and rave/trance sorta gal, and her daddy is a long haired headbanger from the metallica sort of school). so, basically, she likes everything on the guitar hero game, but esp. trogdor!!!!(i'm so proud. burninating the countryside.) and soy bomb. from me, tho, she's into bjork, everything but the girl, montell jordan (we traded in the laurie berkner 'clean it up' song for 'this is how we...
i would put another, accurate globe in there. because it's SO nerdy, you'd have to laugh.
Quote: Originally Posted by fek&fuzz Doesn't this belong in Country Living, or Breastfeeding, or Pets? Hmm, maybe the TAO OT Mod will show up and rectify this blatant off topic posting. :
i can't imagine what you're feeling right now. but i did want to let you know, you should call your doc back, b/c the info you've got right now is seriously mixed up. YOU can't be tested for UPD. it's a test to see if the baby got two copies of a chromosome from one parent, and none from the other. and, part of your post has me confused--do you have PW syndrome? or was your geneticist implying the fetus had PW syndrome. plus, trisomy 15 is in fact, an...
i ahve a sub to that mag! we're so six degrees of kevin bacon now! congrats to yo lovemuffin.
not having any friends in childhood, would be my guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by CorbinsMama I just asked him and he said it means death. So there you go! He also told me that that Santa bit has something to do with Invader Zim, a show he has seen maybe twice in his life. well, that explains it. piggies and doom are Zim staples. i invader zim. (actually, i love gir, but now we're jsut splitting hairs. hairs OF DOOM!)
Quote: Bow down Bow down to Santa's magic boots of doom. omg. that is SO GOING TO BE MY CHRISTMAS CARD! srsly. i'm dying over here, cuz that is so something we'd say in this house.
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