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I am so so sorry. Prayers for the family.
ah! thank you for this link!!!! Cluster feeding is definitely what shes doing!     My sweet little girl is going to be 4 weeks old tomorrow! I want to say I cant believe it-but I really do believe a month has already gone by, because I have been very aware and present every single moment. It is my intention to savor every moment with her in the deepest possible way. Despite the rough start to nursing and cracked nipples (thankfully thats in the past now), and then having...
yay Fern!!!! Cant wait for a happy update!
hi mamas! my first time posting in postpartum thread :-)   i have a question and feel a bit silly asking-i feel i should know it all by now, lol.   Cosi is three weeks old today, and she had a huge change, right overnight-its so undeniable that DH and my mom noticed it right away too. She woke up this morning being a lot more alert and present, and whereas in the past she always fell asleep pretty much right after she ate, starting today she would spend an hour...
Oh, what happy news! Congratulations!!!!
although i totally agree that the balm is more amazing than the spray, i must say the spray is truly nice to have because like someone said-you just spritz it on, and the cooling relief feeling is so nice, plus with a new baby sometimes you literally have only a second and thats the time when spray comes in so handy!
omg how exciting!!!!   yay, if that is true then my prediction of girl for Nic was right!
minty you MUST get the balm above anything. the spray is great too. i have both and use both religiously. even if you do not tear or have h's - these products are fantastic because they speed up healing down there and shrink swollen tissues. Seriously the feeling is heavenly.   i found this site when i was searching for a good deal on the EMAB:   http://www.mothernature.com/search/index.cfm?query=earth+mama&search=Search&Type=Products   their prices on the...
Heather-she is darling!!!!! Congrats on your baby girl!!!!!!!
Woke up and came here to check in with you Nic-hoping that everything is beautiful!
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