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I have a question for anyone who can read Korean writing... Do you read/write the characters (letters) from left to right or top to bottom? For instance, is it written... o n e t w o t h r e e or one two three? (I used English letters for the example because I can't type Korean characters on my keyboard.) Thank you for any help!
I don't post very much (more of a lurker...I learn so much here), but I had to comment on this... I am the same way! I will spend weeks focusing on one specific topic, to the exclusion of all else. And then, *poof* I'll wake up one day and move on to something else. I'll have no more interest in whatever had obsessed me for so long. Drives my husband crazy! I never thought about this being a form of OCD, but after reading this thread I can see it. My good friend had...
How about "Glory" or "The Hunley?"
We stumbled onto co-sleeping, as well. The first week home from the hospital DS1 would scream all night long. Out of desperation I lay down with him in my bed to nurse him. He finally calmed down and went to sleep. He's been in bed with us every night since! DH did try and put him in his crib once after he started sleeping through the night. I just went and brought him back to our bed. DH never said anything about it again! Now with DS2, he's been in bed with us...
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