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Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, due to wonderful bureaucratic nonsense, we are not able to go. I was so excited, too!
My husband was just offered a job in Johannesburg. Of course, we only have one week to say yes or no, so I'm rushing for information! Can anyone point me towards some good websites to do some research? If it matters, we have two sons (aged 5 and 9.) Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by vbactivist barefeet are good
Medical articles saying how barefeet are healthier... http://barefooters.org/medicine/ Barefeet and OHSA... http://barefooters.org/osha.html
Quote: Originally Posted by jamsmama I've got the Vibram 5 finger shoes on order! I trail run and have had a stick through the foot when going barefoot, so this is the next best thing. So excited! I got a pair last week! They are awesome! I even ordered a pair for my sister...I hope she likes them, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by JL83 Did you do those jobs from your home? Or did you work in public buildings? I'm pretty sure that "shoes on" is a health code kind of thing. No, not from home...not even all in the same state. I taught at two schools, one in Alaska and one in Florida. The librarian one is here in California. If I recall correctly, the "shoes on" thing is not mandated by any health codes. Like Vbactivist stated, unless...
Quote: Originally Posted by Heavenly Seriously? So when you go to your job you insist you be allowed to take your shoes off? That is ridiculous. Millions of people live every day with shoes on and they are just fine. If a child goes to school they have to keep shoes on all day. I truly do not see the big deal (and I DO have a child with sensory issues and I had to go to 3 different stores just to find a pair she would wear to preschool this...
Well, I have to agree with the OP. My children would not ever go to a preschool where they were required to keep their shoes on all day long. I just don't think it is healthy for little (or big) feet. I taught preschool for years and I never wore shoes in the classroom. If the children wanted to wear their shoes, I didn't have a problem with it, but most of them took their shoes off as soon as they came in my room. We would even go outside barefoot. Now, granted, this...
Yes, I read this a while ago...I loved it! She has another book called Year of Wonders that I want to read.
I love our Laptop lunchbox. DS1 has used it for almost 3 years, but about halfway through last year (1st grade) we had to switch because it was just way too small. He eats enough for almost two lunches...2 sandwiches, 2 fruits, veggies, chips, yogurt or cheese, and a dessert. I don't know where he puts it all; he is so skinny! I bought a ton of the Lock & Lock containers and they have worked really well. They have some out now that are BPA free. Luckily, DS2 starts...
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