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Quote: Originally Posted by caro113 I love genealogy and family history!! Did you know there is a new social networking site (like facebook) just for genealogist?! I'd love to talk to others about their quests for genealogy and family history .. anyone interested? Me, too! I've been working on mine (off and on) for the last ten years. What is the address for that site you are talking about? I'd love to check it out!
You say he was an older man? Was it possible he was hard of hearing and didn't really know how loud he was whistling? I know a lot of the older men in my family (grandfathers, great-uncles, etc.) whistled all the time. It just seemed a habit from that generation.
I got my paw print (it's a magnet, not a sticker) when I donated to the local shelter's spay/neuter fund. They gave me a whole sheet of them.
Call him Chopper...then you can use your nickname!
boxer/mastiff dane/mastiff sharpei/dane sharpei/boxer
greyhound x great dane? Cute pup!
My sister took the LSAT twice. The first time she didn't do too well, so she went to a two-day workshop. It dramatically improved her score the second time around.
It was so fun reading this whole thread. I didn't get to write much the other day (just posted a link), so I had to come back and introduce myself. I am a 3rd generation barefooter (at the least...I'm sure my ancestors further back were, too.) My grandmother only wore shoes to go into town or to friend's houses. She even worked out in the garden (fields) barefoot. My mom was the same way...only wearing shoes to go out somewhere. The rest of the time she is...
First of all, take a deep breath. This is very doable! I have traveled cross country three times (SC to AK, AK to FL, and NC to CA.) I've traveled with a dog, cat, and snake and two boys. Here is what works for us... First of all, plan your route. Then find hotels that accept pets that are along your route (we always used Motel 6 because they are everywhere...they're not the best, but they are cheap and they all accept pets.) Next make sure you have everything you...
Here's a pattern to make soft, robeez-type, shoes... http://www.family-centered.com/needl...oetutorial.pdf I'm sure you could enlarge it to make adult-size ones.
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