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I managed 1758 words today. That brings me up to 3390. My character is "somewhere" about to do do "something." The somewhere and something hasn't been decided yet.
Today was so much better than yesterday. It was really slow at work, so I was able to write 1419 words. Added to my count from yesterday and I am up to 1632. Not too bad! Now if I could only update on the nano site. : Quote: Originally Posted by alisonbr If I need to take something out I just change the font color to grey or something like that so that I can still count the words. I love this idea! I am definitely stealing it!!
Stupid questions... Do you just upload your novel for verification once at the end? Do you just type in your own numbers? The site is so slow, I haven't been able to get back on.
I was finally able to post on the thread on Nano. I'm trying to add buddies, but it keeps timing out. Hopefully, I can get on later.
Ugh, today kinda sucked, but at least I knew it would ahead of time. I had to work and then we had to drive up to Travis Air Force base (about one and a half hours away.) I managed to write a measly 213 words. On the bright side, I did manage to finish up my character sheets and get some plot details worked out. Tomorrow, hopefully, I will be off and running!
Let's list all our usernames, so we can keep them straight. I'm going to start adding buddies today, if I can get the page to load... Peppermint Poppies = simplifyingmama JustKiya = MindOfKiya jgracefrank = andothertimes oceanwinds = oceanwinds barefootbabies = barefootbabies Anyone else want to share their usernames?
Is anyone having trouble with the NaNoWriMo site? I can barely get on, but I can't get off the main page. My computer keeps timing out or just going to a blank white page. No other website is doing this.
Quote: Originally Posted by fivi2 I read an older writing book a while back called "Steal this Plot" and it really helped me with this issue. Not just telling me to steal a plot but just in the way I thought about plot in general. I would come up with fun characters and "hooks" but wasn't sure what to do with them! This helped me readjust my thinking... good luck! I'll have to see if the library has that book...thanks! Less than three...
I think my biggest problem right now is I need...a PLOT!! I know who my character is and what makes her special. She is going on an archaeological adventure with her uncle/godfather. And she has some supernatural talents. But where is she going? What will be the mystery/adventure? That I haven't thought of yet. I'm hoping it will come to me as I'm writing the first couple of chapters introducing her and telling why she has to go with her uncle/godfather.
Well, tomorrow starts my official countdown. My plan for this week is... 1. Finish my character sheets. (Actually I need to start them ) 2. Work on my outline. 3. Do some last minute research on archaeology. 4. Collect all my assorted scraps of paper and notes and compile them in one big notebook. Who else is still getting ready?
New Posts  All Forums: