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It can discolor the steel, but I don't think it's a problem since it was a short period of time before the fermentation began.
I couldn't budge weight while nursing, regardless of diet.
Neck goes in the stock.  Freeze the liver for pate.  Gizzard can be chopped up into little bits and put into dirty rice.
Yup, left to right is liver, neck and gizzard.  Doesn't look like they put the heart in there.
Yup, no problem at all.  It's just assumed that you would claim the meat for another use but there is no harm at all in leaving the meat on.
Molasses.  It covers a multitude of sin... er, flavors.  I mix the CLO with a teaspoon of molasses and down the hatch.  Another option is to mix it with a fruit juice concentrate. 
He can still have corn.  What about homemade taquitos?  That wouldn't have egg and no dairy if you leave out the cheese.
The short answer to this is that Sally gives zero creedance to any of it.  My public conversations with her on it were quite... bang-head-on-wall over it all.  She gives zero creedence to any benefit to breastfeeding, such as palate development, bonding,etc.... and only looks at the nutritional aspects.   A lot of her infant feeding advice isn't based on research or even what Price observed but in her own experience, and the standard line or advice was that kids started...
Is it possible your little boy has yeast issues?  The die off drives a major crazy desire to sugar binge, hence the ice cream and drinking maple syrup.  Of course, it's not the only reason that could happen but I did want to throw that out in case it might help.  Sometimes, trying to figure it all out is a big, frustrating puzzle.  Hugs.
I'd go with long-cooked bone broths.  Smoothies with dairy, greens, nut butter and raw eggs, if your tummy can handle some dairy.  I've met a couple of people who couldn't digest it after gallbladder surgery.
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