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Liked and shared!!
My favorite thing about wearing my baby is that baby head smell so conveniently located!
Thanks ladies!
Due Feb. 1st, our sweet 7lb5oz Lyra was born at 6:13pm on 1/31/13!   I had regular, mild contractions that were just like uncomfortable toning contractions (BH) the evening before around dinner time.  Right before bed I noticed light pink bloody show and decided to go to bed expecting to be awoken some time in the night. Instead, the night was restful but the pink show and mild contractions continued.  Around 7am the contractions became slightly more intense, still...
Fantastic story!
Yes, I'm going through this and driving myself crazy. At this point in both my previous pregnancies my daughters had been born. I've had so many contractions over the last week, plus Ive lost what is probably most of my mucous plug but no 'real labor' yet. I keep thinking, 'what's wrong with me? Why am I not in labor, is my over thinking it keeping me from going into labor? Stop over thinking it...etc...' We've just got to relax and be patient in the knowledge that...
After nursing for 5 years straight I would say that the article of clothing I could not live without is the tank top with a built in bra- not a nursing tank, actually I get mine from express. I always liked having it under whatever I was wearing so I could lift up the outer layer without my whole torso being exposed and pop the breast out over the top of the tank but still under the outer layer. In the summer, just the tank. I was never/am not a fan of nursing specific...
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