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Hi, I have had 4 births and 4xd ppd.  After the 3rd i took zoloft--worked great, kicked in right away.  had to stop when i got pregnant again because i threw it up every time in tried to take it.  started it again the day my daughter was born.  25mg.  i had taken 50 before.  it has been one week.  i am so depressed and freaking out when my 3 boys are home.  i can't stop crying.  tell me it will kick in.......any experience with this?
so i just remembered that she also didn't file my sisters birth cert for like a month, even though my sister needed to leave the country asap, she kept getting too busy.  out of line.  i guess i'm still on the fence a bit because she backs up every other midwife around here.  they all work together.  I feel like my only other option is to go to a cnm in the hospital.  which freaks me out.  but i wonder what is worse?  feeling like i'm always getting the wool pulled over...
OK, so i live in an area where i don't have a lot of choice for an out of hospital birth.  i had my 2nd son unassisted because of this.  bottom line...i found a midwife by the seat of my pants with my 3rd.  she came for the birth the next day.  very nice of her, i was very thankful.  i paid her cash, her full price.  i had PPd issues.  she didn't call me for a 6 week appt.  she called6 months later and said sorry she never called, she didn't want to bother me.  ok, so i...
wow..wonderful advice (everyone!!) I am so thankful...i have a plan and much more strength.  I need to find some more like minded, young, career oriented catholic moms.  Will do. Blessings to all..
ook.  I've been needing to write this for like..a year.  OK, i'm 30, grew up catholic.  turned away in high school.  got married, had 3 kids with my husband (unplanned).  When my first son started school we went with a catholic school.  my husband decided to do RCIA.  we got  married in the church, started going to mass again, etc.  OK.  so before we could get married (again) we had to do counsiling with the priest.  It was then i realized the big birth control issue.  I...
ok, how much "entertainment" am i suppose to provide as a mother? That's my question. My4 year old is never happy and always saying he has nothing to do. i have a 1 year old and while my 6 year old is in school, we all stay home. soo...my 4 year old tried preschool for smoething to do, but didn't like it. we took him out. but all he does is whine all day and i can't stand it! i've tried everything. it is cold out...is this a phase? my 6 year old seems to find...
ok, i started 2 weeks ago with 25mg of zoloft and felt great the first day i started. i only had one bad day in those 2 weeks, which is was amazing! anyway, so i went up to 50mg 2 days ago. i feel really messed up. like spaced out and kind of depressed. should i stay on 25? because i was feeling fine. or give the 50 time?
well, first of all i found out that my blood p was really, really high. so i got blood work done to test my thyroid. it came out fine. she told me to come back in 2 weeks to see if my BP was down...and go from there. (2 weeks!) I got St. John's Wart and some vitamins. I don't know...i'm kind of freaked out again about trying zoloft (that's what the DNP and i talked about). I think i may have some bipolar history...i can't afford to freak out..
While researching meds i came across this. Protazen.com Has anyone heard of it?
I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow. I'm terrified. Please wish me luck. I've tried every thing under the sun, and now am going to try meds. I pray it works.
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