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A number of years ago DH worked at a hospital.  He got into the elevator with a woman.  She looked at his name tag, saw that his last name was Last Name, and told him her son is also a Last Name.  She said DH and the son have the exact same green eyes.  So far it's not very convincing - anyone could make that up.   But then she started relating some family lore about one of the ancestors kidnapping a Native American chief's daughter.  This happened in CA.  DH's father is...
The link I posted is story starters, with a picture.  I printed one out last week and ds (9) is about 6 pages in on his story.  I expected one or two pages.  So, I guess it's good for *him*, but I don't know if it's "good", kwim?
When we were planning our (secular) wedding, DH wanted the officiant to be someone meaningful (I was just gonna get someone out of the phone book).  He wanted to ask his religious studies professor who's also a retired minister.  Turns out this guy's step-mom (?) was from the same tiny town (800 people) in WI as me, and he'd been to the town.  (We were all living in CA.)  I didn't know her, but my parents and grandparents did.
First picture - 28 Second picture - 22 Third picture - can't really tell
   The *most* disturbing part of that story is that they came from MIL.  "MIL" and "crotchless underwear" should never never EVER be used together
Thanks for this!  Looks like I got $15.86 coming to me!
I had this exact issue with my ds, so . . . . . . . . you totally got me on this one.
I (and my dentist and my 3 cavity-free, breast-fed-all-night-long-and-not-weaned-till-after-two children) agree.  Go to bed with clean teeth and keep on breastfeeding!
I'm not sure what you're looking for.  Something like this?
I'm not a big fan of the dentist, and he's my husband.
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