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Do you have a juicer? Juicing carrots/spinach usually helps lift my energy when sick. Hope you feel better soon !
Hello Ladies,   I'm looking for a vax friendly ped in the Rockland County area. We will probably vax at some point, but not anytime before two years old.   Thanks, Michelle
I am also in the area and would love this info as well.
Hello Ladies,   I'm looking to possibly moving to Teaneck, NJ and wanted to know which HB midwives or birth centers are recommended for that area. I'm very unfamiliar with NJ so any input is greatly appreciated.    Thanks! -M
Hello Ladies, Does anyone have any feedback about the practice Home Sweet Homebirth? Midwife Anne Margolis is part of it all with two other midwives with the last names Shmidt and Gallagher. I've heard good things about Margolis, but have not heard anythyhing about the others. Thanks!
Hello everyone, Does anyone have any feedback on Sakina O'huru. I'm looking to contact her for a HB and wanted to know if anyone has had her. Thanks
Wow small world ok if you don't mind me asking who did you interview and who are you actually using? I had a consult with Valeriana Pasqua-Masbeck and I liked her. Her assistant did email me back saying that the part of Queens I'm in would be too far out fAr out for her. She said that if I stay here then she would recommend Miriam Shawrtzchild (sp?) I had Cara Muhlhahn for my last 4 births and last miscarriage I would not use her again though.
Vetchmom you are so right, I totally forgot about the possibility of he MW getting booked up. I'm in the NYC area and they so get booked up pretty quick. I have sent an email to the MW's assistant I she wod come out as far as I am and I have yet to hear from her.
Hello ladies! I hope everyone finds themselves well this morning I'm having a little bit of a dilemma though. I am 7 weeks and am in between living situations. My family and I were living with inlaws and there has been some drama where we've had to leave the house where we were living temporarily. The temporarily very well might turn into permanent, but we won't know that until Dec.? So I had met a MW that we were going to use for a HB and I'm set for my first appt. at 10...
Planning another HB here, but using another MW than my past 4 births. My last was a waterbirth and I might do that again.
New Posts  All Forums: