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i always up my vitamin c intake and my holistic doctor recommended occicilium, which is homeopathic and works very well for the whole family.
Hello all!  I've had my Paragard since the birth of my daughter 7 years ago.  I don't have any major complaints presently other than a 7 day cycle when it used to be 5 days.  All of my adult life I struggled with my weight, but it seems like I have to wage war to lose weight after the birth of my dd.  I'm seeing that there may be a connection.  I am kind of torn because I worry about leaving something in place for up to a decade.  I was thinking about removing it and...
you know what?  i am on Pintrest, so i will check that out.  it became a new guilty pleasure of mine about two months ago.  i have come across that 365 website and thought it was pretty cool, but i'm going to need to play around with it a bit more.
i love the idea of the festivals and such.  right now, our language school doesn't offer the language that i would need, so that is out.  but i like the other suggestions that you had.
you did do the right thing.  as far as what to tell your son, i would just say that right now you and his dad are working out what to do next as his dad cannot stay there presently.  just give as honest info as possible without being too descriptive because if you say he'll be back, your child will hole you to that.
okay, so i've done it.  i bought a crock pot, literally yesterday.  i have wanted one for years.  and when i got a gift card i though what better way to use it.  last night i made beans in it while sleeping and it was so lovely to wake up to that smell!!!  but now i need fresh ideas.  does anyone have good recipes?
i'm a single mama with a multicultural child.  for me, i need a bit of advice for creative ways to introduce my daughter's other background without the assistance of the other parent as he is not present.  i've presented mine in a host of ways because it is not so abstract for me, but we often talk about her other parent's and go through books and such.  we also dine at a host of restaurants and such that serve food from the other parent's background.  other than that,...
omg.  where to begin? i would say something to her.  after all, this is a person that she is treating this way and the way that she parents now will be what this child deems normal and remembers as the basis of her childhood.   this saddens me.  i would talk with her and if that doesn't get any results, i would talk with him as well.
i often find that mixing up the routine creates an unexpected nature and you all won't even realize that the screen time is missing.  for example, my dd and i walk the dog at what feels like the most random times.  for me, it is actually when i am restless and itching for something to do.  also, we have taken to talking or board games.  on saturdays, we usually listen to the radio, snack and do girly stuff like hair and nails.  oh the list is endless.  so for us, it...
New Posts  All Forums: