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indeed.  they may not understand it, but you do.  our first job is to defend against foolishness.  this, my friend, is foolishness.  i would talk with them about ignorance on an age-appropriate level and remind them that there are a bunch of people out there who love them and want to play. just not these people.
i understand the annoyance.  it is always interesting that "other" means you aren't from here.  whatever that means.    i agree with keeping calm.  i usually just say we're from whatever side of town and that confuses the person who asks and they move on.
i love my VitaMix, which does everything and you can even get a reconditioned one cheaper than the standard price.  happy hunting!
i would do more research before restarting anything.  my dd had a reaction very early on and i continue to selectively vax for a while, but as i researched more, i even stopped that.  i think this is one of those situations where you have to research and determine what you are comfortable with.  best wishes to you on your journey.
you may want to consult a lawyer.  from my gut, i could tell you that it does not sound right to take the ING money through it is solely in your name.  you may want to speak with a lawyer to see what rights you would also have to the retirement accounts as it seems to differ state to state.  please seek out some legal advice even if it is just a general overview.   before i got divorced, i went to a high end place that offered free monthly informational sessions for...
Integrated Health Care Associates 30880 Beck Rd. Novi, MI 48377 248-926-0009   or their second location:  2300 Haggerty Road, Suite 2140 West Bloomfield, MI 48323 248-669-5050   They have been my choice for pediatric and whole family care for years!
i used it and i have to say it all depends on what you want.  it is a steroid.  There is associated weight gain, but i found it to work very well.  i took it for about a year i think.  i was breastfeeding after an extremely difficult labor, lot of blood loss and a breast reduction (five years prior to the birth).  the pills made my process smoother and i had tried a host of homeopathic remedies before i tried the pills.  good luck!
the article should be pretty good. i will have to take a look.  i know it to be true, however, because my dd transitioned out of waldorf after her kindergarten year and had to play catch up.  but she excelled very quickly at her school and by the end of the year, she was ahead of where they set the bar for entering second grade.   it does take some additional work though.  the integration is not seamless by a long shot.  i just never gave up.
i am not certain.  i am subbing to the thread because i am very interested on what advice mamas have.  
My best friend and I signed up for a trial of Bikram yoga.  Long story short, we love it.  The first class, well, I thought I was dying.  But after that, it's been great.  Anyhow, we've almost come to the end of our time and I have to say that I have been weighing the options out as to whether I should buy a punch card (ranging from $120-330), have a monthly debit ($85), drop in (at $17 a pop) or just do nothing.  I think I am leaning toward the do nothing side....
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