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first.  be calm.  check to see if your state is a mandatory vax state.  if it is, check to see if waivers are possible.  then go from there.  i wish you the best.
I would pay off all my bills, I would pay off my home, pay off my granny's expenses.  Top off dd's college fund then for the big sh-bang: I would probably quit my job and we would travel the world.  
I keep Trader Joe's organic vegetarian chili in stock all the time for those late nights when I have to just throw something on.  Just spice it up, throw in  dollop of sour cream and some cheese and BAM!  Dinner is served.
We nursed for 38 months!
Welcome to mothering and I used to live in Cali.  Oh, how I miss it!!!
Hello and welcome!
Thank you,  I especially liked the part about noticing the peaceful quality of your home without it.  I remember when my ex moved out (he was a HUGE tv-watcher) I remember the quiet.  It was great.  I was so thankful that I didn't have to fall asleep with it playing in the background every night or have to sit there and watch it when I would prefer to be doing almost anything else.   This article reminds me of why I slowed my tv consumption to begin with.  Thank you...
I agree.  My dd attended Waldorf school from PreK through K.  Then we switched to a charter school and they used technology ranging from computers to iPads.  Because they are kids, they really pick it up fast.  I do allow her to use my iPad at home and my computer, but it is really a treat.   It is not an everyday all day thing for us as she has access at school.  I think you will be fine and just trust your instincts.  The only advice I would give is when you do...
welcome mama.  glad that you are here.  sometimes it is good to find a group of parents that understand.  your story is familiar.  i also lived through the stress of a quickly planned family and the domestic violence.  welcome and i'm glad that you found us.  
we recently used takethemameal.com for my friend and it was very nice.  It sent a helpful reminder before your scheduled delivery day and was a great resource. i found it very easy to schedule my date and edit as needed.
New Posts  All Forums: