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welcome to mothering.com and we are glad that you found us!
i went with the paragard  when it came time to choose.  i chose it specially because of the reasons that you mentioned.  hormonal birth control and i don't get along.  i'm always the one who gains a bunch of weight, or whose cycle completely stops, or you name it and i've had it.    you may want to think long and hard about the mirena if you don't want the side effects because as you know you can't pick and choose which ones you end up with.
hi, tiffany.  i'm glad that you have reached out.  if you haven't already, i would suggest talking with your health care provider to find out if there are there any support groups in your area.  i'm glad that you were able to find mothering.com and a source of support during your journey.  be well.  
this has always been a concern for me and it is especially noticeable in clothing like pajamas.  the smell is disgusting and the chemical component is disturbing at best.  yes, i want to prevent my clothing and such from going up in flames, however, i don't have any interest in breathing in the toxic compounds that the items have been treated with.  yuck!
I would say (from what I recall) when the child is old enough to work at  taking them down and making it to the potty.  You may have to play it by ear though.  With my dd, we left diapers and went right to panties.  Reason being, she would pee as normal in the pull up style disposables.  She   didn't see a different.  Wetting cloth panties though was more noticeable for her and she would work to get to the potty in time.  But just play it by ear.
sounds as though she may need to file for a legal separation if she is not already contemplating divorce because she needs legal footing to deny him entry into the home and other limits that she may need to begin setting.  
I have to second the Carol's Daughter products which can also be ordered at www.carolsdaughter.com.  They are wholesome products.  Nothing icky even though she is carried by suppliers that offer it.  Also, no rubber bands.  They break the hair off because of the wave/curl pattern.  The hair simply can't tolerate them.  I hope this helps!
I agree!  Show folks that there is a whole world out here without turning the TV on all the time.  I would invite folks out to the park, over to your home or some other TV free spot.  The pool or whatever is available.  You would be surprise that people just don't even think about it anymore and sometimes we have to teach them how to make an environment that is friendlier to us.
Congrats.    I would just have a sit down when all is quiet for the night and the two of you have some alone time.
I would also be interested in knowing what mamas are saying about this one.
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