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This thread has been removed and will not be returned.  Please make no further reference to it.
The behavior of so-called grown-ups never ceases to amaze me!  I cannot even imagine the nerve of your stbx.
I have signed up for the Newsletter, am following Lunapads on Twitter and/or Facebook, and am ready to take the Lunapads Challenge!
I would also let the calls go on to voicemail and allow the child to determine if and when they would like to talk to the other parent.  At this point, they have the capacity to vocalize their needs and desires, so I would go with that.
This thread has been moved to Blended & Step Family Parenting.  Thank you for your attention.
I second Mixed Chicks and also Carol's Daughter.  You have to moisturize or use detangler.  Combing the curls creates 1. pain and 2. frizzy hair.  The curly nature of the kids' hair does not lend itself to traditional methods of combing and brushing.  Also, start from the bottom and work your way up.  Combing from the top down is impossible!
i agree.  a house you can walk away from, but don't give up.  fight for the kids.  they deserve that as do you.  i am so sorry that you are feeling deflated.  don't give up.  we believe in you.
So dating is still rocking.  My guy and I are settling into our relationship quite nicely and we are going to a marriage workshop the weekend before Valentine's Day.  I am just crossing my fingers for the day when we announce that we are dating to our children.  My dd will probably be okay with it.  His?  Well, that my friends is another matter as she is still hoping for the day that her parents will get back together.  I don't knock that.  I was the same way when my...
This thread is being returned with the understanding that the members will not personally attack the member that came to the forum for help.   Keep in mind that personal attacks are not within the spirit of the Mothering community and are not allowed.   All such posts will be removed and alerted.  Thank you and I now return you to your regularly scheduled thread. 
This thread has been removed and will not be returned.  Please do not make any further reference to it.  Thank you for your understanding. bmj
New Posts  All Forums: