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i am so sorry that they were not able to see through the situation.  i will advise you to get the police involved as often as the need arises.  that way there is documentation that will stand up in a court of law and they cannot ignore the safety risks. 
What's funny is that I had stopped dating.  I wasn't looking for anything.  I had given up and then it just happened.  With just a little push.  I also heeded some advice that I needed to make sure that I was the kind of person that I was looking for -- if that makes sense.  I had to redefine who I was and being by myself definitely helped in that process.   I thank you.  I am pleased and it's nice to be really cared for because that has not happened in quite a while and...
I would talk with the teacher and see why is this an integral part of the curriculum for her and if the rationale is bogus.  i would call her on it.  to me, and i may be wrong as i have been wrong before, it seems like she is using this as a time waster.  if she can't give you the response that you need, you should move on and speak with an administrator.
i second the person who said it is like crack.  my dd doesn't watch when she is home with me.  she is allowed to watch with my mother and with my grandmother.  you would think she never saw a tv before each time she sees it.  she is hypnotized and completely under it's spell.  she sometimes acts as though she is going to melt down at the prospect of having to stop watching it.  that's when i know i am doing the right thing.  she is allowed to watch an occasional  movie...
i second The Princess and the Frog because she works to make her own dreams come true and even says it somewhere in the film.  Also, Mulan has a strong female character who goes out to fight a war in place of her father.
i agree.  we just are not compatible with every person that we have been in "relationships" with.  if we were, things would have been fine and they would not be the folks that tend to conjure up bad memories for us.  it's hard indeed because i am a visual person and can play back things with such clarity, you would think it was a television show.  that is a blessing and a curse.  so believe me.  i can feel your pain.  but you will heal and you will move along remembering...
i agree that you may need to take a moment to see this situation as it is.  i don't think it is so much a religious difference issue as it is a controlling situation.  in a healthy relationship, all sorts of compromises are made.  maybe you all need to talk about getting back to the basics.
i had my dd's custom made from www.bamboletta.com and she is still going strong!  i think she joined our family 2 or 3 years ago and is beautiful and was just to my specifications.  
i also hope that this has him shook.  i cannot believe the nerve that he has and what his is doing is just showing how miserable he really is.  i'll be thinking of you.
Question of the Month:  How is your dating life helping you to grow as a person, and learn how to become more & more the woman & partner you want to be?   you know what?  dating the man of my dreams has helped me to see where i have been stuck in my life.  i see how i slipped into basing my life on work and home.  i see him as my other puzzle piece and he's that half that i strive toward.  he greets me every morning whether i am with him or...
New Posts  All Forums: