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ex, i thank you for disappearing.  you were never good for any of us.  i have heard that people change.  i doubt you will because i question your humanity.  anyhow, my daughter is fine.  not that you have called or written to inquire since 2007.  anyhow, i hope you get everything -- and i do mean everything -- that is coming to you and i pray that i am not standing anywhere near you when that stuff starts coming back on you. ~bmj
i would also encourage you to take a look at filing something with the court.  they frown upon one parent denying the other parent time.  you have to do what is best for yourself and your family.  only you know what that picture looks like.  i hope you are able to get this resolved soon.
Everything is still going well.  We're settling into our relationship.  We've been enjoying one another's company and spending time together with the children.  We haven't told them.  Right now, we're just doing the observation period.  
congrats!!! woo hoo!
i hear that mixed chicks is great, but i haven't used it myself. on the other hand, my daughter and i both love carol's daughter products of all types and their hair products are nice, but the shampoo is rather thin for my taste. i like suds, so i know that not everyone is the same about that. i figured i would just put that out there.
i've been dating a really great guy and we have a lot of physical tension and i am okay with that as i don't want to rush it and flame out. he is very generous, sweet, compassionate and loves his children. i am feeling very fortunate and i am just enjoying this as it is unfolding. so keep me in your thoughts!
i agree that there is someone for everyone. sometimes, we have to take our time and just wait. even if it seems like there is nothing there, it may just take a minute to reach you. you are strong, courageous and a mama, so you've got to be hot! let's embrace the fact that very few of us look the way that we did prior to having children. there i said it. furthermore, allow me to say that before real grown-up life and a little one came along, i weighed 135 pounds. ...
it sounds fine. however, this does not appear to be a mutual decision between the teachers and parents. one of the children's parents was visibly angry and expressed herself as such. and to be honest, i can't say that my reaction would differ greatly from hers. MammaG, your take on it sounds very sensible to me. those milestones are definitely something that you can put a finger on. thank you for that. i think once i know what the school's guideline is for...
I'll be subbing to this thread and I am very interested in hearing the stories of other families. thank you for having me.
i'm going to have to look at the Life After Waldorf thread. this has me a bit unnerved. we've had a good run there. one of the main reasons that i left her was that she liked it and had made some great friends. some of those friends didn't move with her though and that has me sad. then some kids carried over from last year's group and that has me wondering about what is the magic cutoff date for grade 1. i just know myself and i know what my response will be if...
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