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I hope it passes for you soon.
Never give up on your worst day. You are doing a phenomenal job. Though you think your actions aren't significant, your little one thinks they are the world.
Hello all. I am weaning myself off of the TV. I rarely watch at home, but it wasn't always that way. I grew to hate the TV because the x had it one all of the time, so dd, who isn't two got accustomed to its presence. Not necessarily Elmo and such, but sports and whatever else. When I put him out, I gladly shut it off. Since then, I only watch if something I really want to see is on, like once a week. Other than that, it is covered. Thankfully, I have also...
I understand and I see it as my responsibility to myself and dd to keep the toxic people at bay, even if one of them does happen to be her father. I didn't want her growing up to think that it is normal and okay for a man to be lazy, misogynistic, and abusive. I don't deserve it and neither does she. The remedy for me was to get rid of the problem and not continuing to allow it under my roof. He is allowed to see his daughter, but coming here and causing havoc? Those...
I hope that time moves swiftly and I hope that your family moves through this fine. I wish they could be with you.
Yep. I'm not sure if I'm brave or just plain crazy. : It's hard to tell sometimes.
I think there may be something you can do if it knocks on two years of non visiting. Just check on that. I understand how you feel about not wanting him to just pop up later on out of the blue. That would be heartbreaking to a little one and as a mama, we try to stop that before it starts. Some of our little ones have had enough heartbreak.
I'm still hiding out in my cave hoping no one sees me.: I did see a cute guy the other say, but alas, he was married.
For me, I was alone even though I technically had someone. We were together, but for reasons that shall remain unnamed, he had to move out. Anyhow, I came home from the hospital with my granny and stayed with her so that she could take care of me while I recovered. It was nice. It really was. Then, I returned home to an empty house save for us and the animals. He was there and I was here. After some time passed, he came back, but it was horrible. The abuse got...
I've done two trips that I can recall. The first was when she was about six months. I pumped and came back after about three days with a cooler full of milk and the second time was this summer when she was about a year and a half and I was gone for almost 7 days. I also came back with milk and both times, she was thrilled to see me and picked up nursing right when we'd left off. I am thankful.
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