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It's soooo nice to finally see the Patriots lose! Also, did you notice how Dungy didn't shove any camera men? I like the Bears and Colts, but, I want the Bears to win(although I wouldn't be too disappointed if the Colts won). First time I like both teams playing in the superbowl.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kerlowyn Not looking good for the Saints... I think it's gonna be a Pats/Bears Superbowl! Hopefully it'll be a Bears/Colts Superbowl!
DA BEARS!!!!!!
Yeah, credit score is just 600, filed for bankruptcy though, but we don't have any car payments, and no credit cards(because our credit is so bad plus bankruptcy) and two kids. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I know Ditech online provides home loans to those with bad credit, but at what cost? And they're not a Fannie Mae participant
I was wondering if anyone with bad credit has ever been approved for a home loan/bought a house, and if so how was the process? Did you have to pay a really high interest reate? I'm asking because our landlord broke up with his girlfriend, and now we have to move out the house so he can live in it. We also only have two months to move out by. We are speaking to a lender tomorrow that participates w/Fannie Mae, but I hope our credit doesn't disqualify us from their...
I love firefox too, and much better than IE. IE is slower, and I get more pop ups and trojans when I was using IE. However, as much as I enjoy firefox, I still have to keep IE because a few paid surveys require IE to do their surveys.:
Almost a halloween birthday, my birthday was on the 30th, and still waiting for someone to throw me a halloween b-day party! :
Sorry but when I first read the post I thought it was going to be about how horribly the Redskins football team has been playing lately. I'm off a high from the Bear's comeback win last night, so excuse me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nikki98 I was wondering if some of you other sahms live close to your childrens grandparents? And if so are the grandparents supportive/involved with their grandkids? My daughters only manage to see their grandparents 1-2 times a year (they are out of state). My mom has a full time job at a mental health clinic and sometimes it seems if I have to practically beg her to come and visit us.: My oldest daughter use to always ask...
I do get paid to read emails, surveys, and (no longer doing them-get paid to sign up). I'm signed up w/10 get paid to read emails. And yes, while it is very boring, and somewhat time consuming, it does bring in an extra $90 a month for us. I also make money w/surveys. But some months I bring in nothing, others I can make $40. It all adds up. I no longer do the get paid to sign up, because most sites require use of a credit card, and have too many problems crediting.
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