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Okay, don't laugh, but I've always wondered exactly how does a tampon stay up, in you know where. I always thought the way that gravity works, that it'd be hard to stay in place. I guess that's why I always used maxi pads.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maggi315 hey, I like the pet store idea, we don't have a zoo around here except at Hersheypark...can't go there, kids will see rides, we do that in the fall when park is closed. But the pet store, that could be fun seeing all the animals... ...bar sounds pretty good too... Hey Maggie, what city are you in, in PA? We live in Mechanicsburg. I wish there was a better children's zoo around here as well. I heard...
Thanks for the advice everyone. That's the only problem though, how to avoid her, so the girls won't go rushing to her. They love playing outside, and have their bicycles, swimming pool, and other toys which they enjoy playing with. Recently I've been trying to avoid having the girls go outside early in the morning to play, because that's when she leaves for work. She likes to do garden work in the evenings as well, which is another time I take the girls out,...
It happened today with my children, and our next door neighbor. But the question is, how should I feel? Our neighbor gets along great w/kids, has two grown kids of her own-no grandkids though. Usually I let the girls play in our yard, about twice a day(in the morning and evening only because of this humidity). Her yard is right next to ours, so we usually always talk for a few minutes a day, and sometimes we even take walks together. Me and the girls have even been...
Hm, this is pretty interesting since I'm going to be dealing with this for my daughters' upcoming birthday party. It's at a miniature golf course, and of course, they charge $10 for adults, and $9 for children. Naturally, they want me to call 2-3 days before the party and let them know how many adults and children will be present so they know how much food/drinks to prepare. I did send out invitations, WITH R.S.V.P. Luckily for us, the miniature golf doesn't require...
No friends at all, and NO, I don't count inlaws. If DP and I wanted to go to the movies, we'd have to ask his mother. She is the only one who babysits. We only go out about twice a year w/out our daughters, and they spend the night over her house about once a year. It sucks, because we'd do better w/more breaks.
I totally agree. Banks suck nowadays.: If I could go to the check cashing places and cash my checks/mo without them charging an arm and a leg, I wouldn't deal w/banks. When I first opened an account w/my bank there was no minimum balance for a savings account. They changed the policy, didn't let me know, and I finally figured it out after my account had been closed. I also will never open a checking account.
LOL! This happened to us as well. We usually get a call asking for Kevin Holmes, and everytime either I or DP would tell them they have the wrong number, he doesn't live here, etc. One day we let our 3 year old daughter talk to them. HA! For some unknown reason, they've stopped calling.
It makes me think of the story, The Bunny of Bluebell Hill, and Bunny Bluehill icecream, or something like that.
I read in Star magazine that Angelina and Brad were thinking about naming her son Africa, since they're so in love w/the continent. I don't know how true it is, or where Star got its sources from.
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