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I hope you get the help you need, and, even if on medication, also get some help with nutritional therapy, which helps address underlying nutrional deficiencies that cause depression, and can really shorten your duration on meds. Good luck!
Oh, my dh has been dealing w/ the c.diff thing. As soon as he stopped flagel (sp) it came back, BUT he got it back under control w/ massive intake of probiotics: Florastor is the one that's supposed to be really good for overcoming the c.diff. He also drinks Good Belly probiotic drink and goat milk kefir daily, and takes another good probiotic, too: Megafood's Megaflora Plus. Also, for the virus, you can't beat Vit. C. Lypo-spheric Vit.C gel is the most absorbable kind to...
I would rec the Prenatal Cradle V2. It's like a compression jock-strap and helps me tremendously. I *cannot* be on my feet w/o it. Mine are worse w/ this pregnancy....they are really demoralizing sometimes. If you can't see the veins w/o trying at least they're not *that* huge!
Be sure not to massage any area w/ varicosities, as they are caused by pooling blood and you could make a clot break loose and go somewhere harmful (placental, lung, brain, etc.).
One of my sis's fave twin experiences was seeing them hold hands while nursing simultaneously.
A book, yes! I'm reading it right now: Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff. I got it from the library....also avail new or used on Amazon.com.
Wow. Thank you for starting this thread. I am still just reading the first link posted; eye-opening! I'm not even prepared for everyday living, much less a disaster. Thankfully we have been spared any such so far (other than a break-in), but it's definitely time already to start getting it together.
One more idea; if you put hydrogen peroxide on the stained undies and skirt, it will bubble and fizz (and remove the stain) if it's blood. Just be sure not to let it dry in the fabric.
Please fight for him. I will pray for you all.
New Posts  All Forums: