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This may not help, but, I know some people start putting helmets on their kids anytime they ride a wheeled object solely to get into the habit, and, I think, in the hopes the kids won't reject helmet-wearing later on. It would not have occured to me to have them wear helmets in a wagon...
My LO has begun to do the twist-n-flip to get away from me, which he thinks is hilarious. I just make sure I have him on a big blanket, and I don't sweat it too much. When he flips over, I wipe his bum, then let him get it out of his system. Usually he just wants to get to something nearby, so I let him at it. I hear you on how much of a struggle it is. Theya re surprisingly strong, aren't they!?
We do from time to time. When we can financially, DD takes dance or soccer and DS loves clay work. Life is as busy as you make it. Whether a curriculum is involved, or the kids are away at school, you'll find a way to fill your extra hours with many things. I like being busy/on the go. Days like today are difficult--sitting home, cleaning, nursing my teething LO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Karenwith4 I miss the way the board used to be where a spectrum of views was welcomed and encouraged. I'll leave you to it here. thanks Karen I hear you. I spent some time looking at things through different specs, and now I am skeptical of any opposing views...I miss things, too. I've been jaded.
Quote: Originally Posted by Karenwith4 never mind Sorry if my tone annoyed you. I do believe I get why you are posting, but I disagree with the portion I spoke to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Karenwith4 Opportunity. A potential passion for an alternate culture. A more solid understanding of the structure of their own language. A broader perspective on the world. There is plenty that they could be missing out on. I don't think there is a single body of knowledge to be had. However I disagree with the premise that there aren't cultural components that should be common to a good education, or that there...
She sounds a lot like DS in terms of her development, but DS still has not "gotten" regular knitting. He first asked around 4 yrs old. He is now 7 and still has not really taken hold of it...thought that may be more due to level of interest. What about teaching finger knitting? Check Youtube for quick lessons (there are a couple done by kids that are fantastic). I am teaching knitting to a large group, ranging in age from 4 to about 45. We are starting with finger...
carpal tunnel I had it bad when i was pregnant with DS2. It is still very, very slight in both hands, but it is going away. It sucks. Sorry you are experiencing it.
Quote: Originally Posted by fourlittlebirds Most people forget, when it's something that's not interesting to them or relevant to their lives. A lot of traditional schooling falls into that category. The problem being not the information itself, but its lack of meaningful context and present usefulness. Or, it says that her innate knowledge of how to learn, which we are all born with, was not permanently damaged by school (which is the case for...
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