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Quote: Originally Posted by claddaghmom B/c it's basically saying, "My kid can stay at home and do nothing and be better than your kid who will be institutionalized for 18 years." And yes, I totally understand US is way more than "do nothing" but the point is few people know what US is and so they have a stereotypical idea that the kid just runs wild at home. Yes, that is so simple. I get it! And, when I read snark about US, that is EXACTLY...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lillian J Well, apparently the guy never got "socialized" in school, huh? Lillian *snicker* That's what I thought...okay, still reading this thread. Curious.
It's interesting to me how many people still assume your child must be taking a day off from "school" when you have him at the store/dentist/library/park with you on a "school" day. Is having kids at home still a surprise to people?? It happens a LOT now that DS is 7. He usually says, "I don't go to school." And I don't add a *thing* to that statement!
Seriously! Sheesh! So tired of people wasting their energy bashing the way my kids learn. I don't bash their choices. Why do they feel they need to bad-mouth ours? I just. Don't. Get. It. Then again, it *is* their energy to waste. And, here I am wasting mine typing this out... Carry on!
I have finishitis really badly these days, too. I think I just needed to find something good. Do you have enough hair to make a cool band a helpful thing? I like the dreamswatch. I am also really in like with those tops with the gathered, sort of empire wasteline (hides my three-babies-later mama pooch), so I am making the tomato top with some mods to give it the same look. Easy enough, no seaming, and fairly quick. What about using some bulky yarn, like a...
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCaliMommy I plan on knitting the following for myself eventually Go Vest Elvira All Grown Up Maxine Elliot Shell I Love those! Are they on Ravelry, too? How do I miss such great patterns??
I LOVE it!!
s I am right there with you. I have been block feeding for a few days now. I am going for about 5-6 hours on each side. The side I am not nursing on gets very full and leaks quite a bit, but that should resolve itself at some point. I was also pumping for DH and have stopped doing that until we can determine what is going on. DH used a frozen bottle of milk last night and noticed DS2 was fussy right after--it was a bottle expressed prior to beginning this process and...
Ow, sorry, mama. Sounds very uncomfortable. I used nipple shields to heal my cracked and bleeeding nipples this itme around. After three really troubling beginnings (DS1, DD, and now DS2), I was able to get past the extreme pain by inserting the shields in my bra, which really just keep everything from touching the nipples, and lathered them with pure lanolin. It took at least a week for them to be completely better, but the pain was diminished right away. I made sure...
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