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We have a member here who does great photography. She did a beautiful pregnancy photo shoot of another member and also did a great fun shoot with my mom and my kids. Her user name is shanana.
I would love to come but Tuesdays and Thursdays are tough since we have soccer til 7:30 and gymnastics til 8.
I'll have to back out this time. I made a last minute decision to take the kids on a quick vacation and that is the day we come home. I will probably be exhausted after camping and the amusement park!
We don't have Chik-fil-a. We always go when we go to Florida to my parents but that is only once a year. I LOVE their sandwiches.
We get the Sunday paper with coupons on Saturday. If there are any I want duplicates of (like this week's Kellogg's) I go to a couple of gas stations right by my house on Sunday night (after 9) and they let me take all the inserts I want. Even though I would save more than $1.50 for each paper I bought, I just could not bring myself to buy that much paper.
I can probably be there. Nick has soccer camp till 6:30 but it is just at Hines.
Oooh, this may be our last chance to get them before school starts!! Now would be a perfect time. I will PM you later. Would you mind if I brought all 4 over though? I would love them all to get it at the same time rather than 1 after another due to school.
I am in SE Michigan and we LOVE our attic fan. We live in a 1800sq ft colonial with no a/c (it died and we can not afford to get a new one). We run it almost all the time when we are home. There are a few times when it is still unbearably hot and we go hang somewhere with a/c or a pool but for the most part we are home. I am not sure how much they cost, I can ask dh when he gets home as he has installed them before.
It is a full warranty and they have been really good about it. I just hate it with a new vehicle. We did not get the $2.99 gas guarantee because the incentives were really good (I think around $2500). I talked to our salesman who I have known for a long time and really trust, and you can only get one or the other. In our area (Detroit) the gas deal was only a better deal than incentives on 1 or 2 vehicles. Just FYI, from what I understand, the gas guarantee is good...
Can someone tell me exactly how this works? I know you can buy a GC for a lot cheaper than it's value but then what? Can I use the GC more than once? If I buy a $150 GC, can I use it numerous times until the value is used up or should I buy smaller ones? Can I use the same GC at different restaurants or do I need a different one? Do I just present it as payment like any other GC? The idea sounds great but I need some more info before I invest. There are quite a...
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